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We are independent

The first thing I want you to know is Saddle Solutions is not contracted or aligned to any saddlery company or brand of saddle. We are completely independent and will not push one brand over another but will recommend the best saddle for you and your horse that we have in our range.

We do however work closely with a number of stores which allows us access to a large range of new saddles including; Anky, Bates, Colligiate, Equiline, Equipe, John Whitaker, Kentaur, Kieffer, Syd Hill, Windsor and Wintec.

Our range of used saddle generally includes some of the above brands and; Ascot, KN's, Otto Schumacher, Passier, PDS, Riviera, Trainers and more. This range changes constantly.

The aim of our Saddle Trial appointments is to provide our customers with the widest possible range of saddles for you to try out for yourself on your horse.

If you purchase a saddle on the day, full fitting will be included.

What can you expect when booking a Saddle Trial Appointment?

Prior to your appointment

You will be asked a number of questions about yourself, your horse and what you are wanting in a saddle which will help Mel to source suitable saddles.


At your appointment

Assessment of your horse and current saddle (if required)


• Assessment of all saddles in our range on your horse and suitability (or lack of) and saddle features discussed.

• You will ride in all suitable saddles. This is your time to try the saddles out and feel the difference between saddles and how your horse works in each. Mel will quietly observe you and your horse and discuss pros and cons of each saddle with you when you finish riding in each saddle.

• A list of all saddles assessed and ridden in will be delivered.

• If you purchase a saddle on the day, full fitting will be included.