Saddle Fitting

We offer a completely independent saddle fitting service for a vast range of saddle brands and models. We carry a large range of adjustable systems as well as traditional flocking materials. Our hot and cold gullet press methodology means you can get riding in a well fitting saddle in no time.

Independent Saddle Trials

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we create with saddle retailers to ensure you have access to a range of saddles best suited to you and your horse. Our trails are tailored to your needs, budget and riding aspirations meaning you can try a range of saddles without the stress.

Saddle Consignment

If you are looking for a quality second hand saddle or hoping to find a new home to make way for an upgrade, let us help.

We love what we do

Saddle Solutions has been trusted by Western Australian riders since 2011.

We are passionate about learning and about horse and rider performance. Our approach is based on a solid understanding of anatomy, function and equine bio-mechanics. As competitive riders we know how important a balanced and effective position is. We aim to provide a high level of service and a balanced fit for every horse and rider no matter the discipline.

We would love to see you…

All inquiries are welcome. To book an appointment at your place or at our facility in the Swan Valley, simply click to book.